Zhang Zhihao bluntly said that the social and administrative system of the New Taipei City Government has completely failed, and Hou Youyi should apologize to the society for this.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] A family of four in Zhonghe, New Taipei City, where a demented father lived alone, Zhang Zhihao, Director of the Information Department of the Democratic Progressive Party, said today (4) that this tragedy highlights the fact that the mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Youyi, is a municipal screw If it's too loose, the municipal government's social administration system is completely out of order, and Hou Youyi should apologize to the society for this.

"Hou Youyi only talks about doing things well and making arrangements ahead of time, but whenever something happens, he takes a back seat and shrugs off responsibility." Zhang Zhihao pointed out that Hou Youyi would only jump the needle and say "do things well" all day long, but he just wanted to choose The President even boasted that he would do more for the land of Taiwan in front of the Kuomintang legislators to support him in the election today.

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Zhang Zhihao said that this case of a highly caring family should be under the supervision of the Municipal Social Bureau. As the mayor, he only explained the follow-up of the case "in passing" during the interview in the morning, and did not even take the initiative to visit the demented father. Such an attitude is really cold-blooded .

In the face of this tragedy, Zhang Zhihao said that the social bureau actually made it clear that this case was not a high-risk or high-care family, and there were no children involved, so that it was impossible to force care. Whether it was the response of Hou Youyi or the head of the bureau, they were all shirking their responsibilities .

Zhang Zhihao further questioned whether talking about Guo Houpei or Hou Guopei today is more important than dealing with the municipal and social administration systems?

It turned out that Hou Youyi's advanced deployment was not aimed at the municipal government, but was full of thoughts about running for the president.