February 4, 2023 - Saturday.

346th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today, February 4

February 4 in the church calendar is

the day of memory of the holy apostle Timothy


He was the beloved disciple of the Apostle Paul and the first bishop of Ephesus, which he became at the age of 30.

Saint Timothy the Apostle was born in the 17th year in the city of Lystra (Asia Minor).

In 80, he was martyred in Ephesus during the celebration of a pagan holiday.

Timothy tried to stop the heretics and their rites, for which the idolaters stoned him to death.

Timothy's mother, Eunice, first practiced Judaism, but then returned to Christianity.

What can not be done on this day

  • On February 4, it is forbidden to tell anyone the dreams that were dreamed against this night.

  • You should not gamble and take risks in general.

  • On February 4, you should control everything you say.

Folk signs and traditions for February 4

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: if it is very cold and the frames are sweating, then there will be warming;

  • the sun is visible at noon, it will be early spring;

  • February 4 blizzard for blizzard week;

  • snowfall portends a good harvest.

February 4 snowfall portends a good harvest / Photo: pixabay.com

Among the people, the frosts on Timothy's day were considered one of the strongest.

And that is why he was often called "Half-winter", that is, half of winter has already passed.

Weather for February 4

Today, February 4, it is cloudy all day in Kyiv, without precipitation.

It is gloomy in Lviv, light snow at night, which will intensify in the morning, but will stop by the middle of the day.

It is cloudy in Kharkiv, snowing in the afternoon, which will last until the evening.

It is cloudy in Odessa, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is -3 during the day and -5 at night.

In Lviv -1 during the day and -4 at night.

In Kharkiv, it is 0 during the day and -3 at night.

In Odessa -1 during the day and -3 at night.

Commemorative dates of February 4

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for February 4:

  • 1708 - Cantata No. 71 (or "Election Cantata") becomes the first printed work of Johann Sebastian Bach;

  • 1789 - George Washington was elected the first president of the United States of America at a meeting of voters in Philadelphia;

  • 1906 - New York Police Department decides to use fingerprints to identify criminals;

  • 1943 - the premiere of Bertold Brecht's "The Good Man of Sezuan" takes place in Zurich (Switzerland);

  • 1944 - the premiere of "Antigone" by Jean Anouille takes place in Paris;

  • 1971 - the bankruptcy of the British company "Rolls-Royce" is announced;

  • 1974 - after two years of training chimpanzees Nim Chimsky in the USA wrote the first word;

  • 1998 - Bill Gates is kissed in the face with a cake in Brussels;

  • 2004 - the social network Facebook, founded by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg, begins its work;

  • 2005 - the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approves Yulia Tymoshenko as Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Name day: how to name a child born on February 4

What are today's name days:

George, Gabriel, Ivan, Yefim, Leon, Joseph, Makar, Leontius, Peter, Mykola, Yakov, Emmanuel, Peter, Timofey.

The talisman of people born on February 4 is beryl.

This stone has long been considered a talisman of philosophers and cheerful people.

Beryl gives its owner friendliness and cheerfulness.

 Born on this day:

  • 1854 - actor, theater worker and writer Sydir Mydlovskyi;

  • 1880 - musicologist and folklorist, husband of Larisa Kosach (Lesia Ukrainka) Klyment Kvitka;

  • 1881 - Ukrainian pianist, composer, teacher Hryhoriy Beklemishev;

  • 1885 - Ukrainian and Polish psychologist Stepan Baley;

  • 1919 - Gennadiy Komanov, a specialist in the field of rocket technology;

  • 1981 - Ukrainian sportsman who represented Ukraine at the World Championship in Sports Memory, Gordiy Ostapovych.

What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

On February 4, the world celebrates Neanderthal Day / Photo: pixabay.com

February 4 is

World Cancer Day


Cancer occurs when certain changes occur in the cells of the body, causing abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth and tumor formation.

Without proper treatment, the tumor increases and spreads throughout the body.

Violations are often fatal.

In 2000, at the World Cancer Summit held in Paris, it was decided to declare February 4 as World Cancer Day.

Every year on February 4, the world celebrates

Neanderthal Day.

It was on this day in 1857 that this representative of the human race was presented to the scientific community for the first time.

And his remains were found in 1856 in Germany near the Neanderthal River in a cave.

This branch of the genus Homo lived on our planet from 230,000 to 27,000 years BC.

e. and inhabited Western Asia and Europe.

Thanks to research and analysis, scientists were able to find out that Neanderthals had light or red hair and light skin.

Immediately, they even put forward a hypothesis that it was from them that Caucasians got their light skin.

But later this opinion was refuted.

And February 4 is

the International Day of Human Brotherhood


The holiday was established by the UN General Assembly at the end of December 2020.

34 UN member states became its co-sponsors.

The main goal of this event is to promote dialogue between different cultural and religious communities.