The train derailed in Ohio, USA, and the surrounding area was engulfed in flames.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A train in the United States derailed near the junction of Ohio and Pennsylvania on the evening of the 3rd. The accident caused an explosion and a raging fire, dyed the night orange, and rescuers also evacuated within a mile about 1.6 km) for residents.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the incident occurred in the Ohio town of East Palestine (East Palestine), near the junction of Ohio and Pennsylvania. run away.

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After the incident, the authorities urgently evacuated residents within a radius of 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers), and dispatched a large number of rescuers to try to put out the fire; in addition, the incident was very close to a local gas station, and the operators also mobilized urgently to evacuate all Flammable fuel is transported away.

The reason for the derailment of the train is still unclear, but sources pointed out that the source of the fire was a fuel tanker on the side of the road.

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported so far.