The Taoshi Municipal Health Bureau was blasted to ask colleagues to give 5-star praise. Taoyuan City Councilor Huang Qionghui asked the Health Bureau to return to the municipality.

(Provided by Huang Qionghui)

[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] Taoshi Municipal Health Bureau was blasted for "flattering" and asked grassroots colleagues to go to Google to swipe 5 stars. Taoyuan City Councilor Huang Qionghui, who has the title of "Villager Goddess", confirmed that she had indeed received a lot of grassroots in the past two days. Complaints, even years ago when the mayor led a team to resign and hand out lucky bags, the Health Bureau had to shout slogans and try to dress up as festively as possible. She asked the head of the Health Bureau to return to the municipal government and not to do unnecessary things or actions. Grassroots civil servants cooperated with the show , I have to put down the work at hand, which affects normal affairs.

Huang Qionghui said that in the past two days, civil servants have been making statements to her one after another. At the risk of being beheaded, they presented her with relevant information and public documents to support her, including directly asking colleagues in the group to "CPR rescue Taoyuan Health Bureau". The content mentions that "a supervisor will interview a civil servant who left a 1-star negative review, mobilize and investigate the grassroots", which is a threat in disguise and has the meaning of revenge.

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Huang Qionghui said in an interview that the chief of the Health Bureau should stop the so-called interviews and intimidation of grassroots civil servants, and that civil servants should return to the municipal government. They should not do unnecessary things, and even do unnecessary things to please the chief. , she had to put down the work at hand, which affected normal affairs; she also emphasized that when the municipal government returns and the health bureau’s business resumes normal operation, Google’s evaluation will naturally come up, deliberately asking her colleagues to clean up, which has caused confrontation between the supervisor and the grassroots. And the head of the bureau wants to please the citizens of Taoyuan, not the new mayor. Please don't make mistakes.

Many councilors also left messages under the google comments of the Taoyuan City Health Bureau. Taoyuan City Councilor Wei Jun gave 5 stars. She emphasized that "this is for colleagues in the Health Bureau who are working day and night for epidemic prevention, but flattering the superiors culture her I can’t agree with it, please be more sympathetic to the hard work of the grassroots.” Zhang Zhaoliang also gave 5 stars and said, “Serve the citizens of Taoyuan well and do things well. Naturally, there will be 5 stars. Please don’t embarrass the grassroots colleagues.” Xu Jiarui also gave 5 stars "I'm here to give you a 5-star praise, please let the grassroots civil servants go."

The Health Bureau responded to the 5-star event in the afternoon through a press release, pointing out that it attaches importance to public comments on the Internet in order to improve the service process. If there is a misunderstanding in the internal transmission of information, it will humbly improve and be more cautious. As for the mentioned There is absolutely no such thing as interviewing colleagues. In addition, the city government stipulates that employees should wear identification cards. It is an identification document for colleagues in the identification agency and a way to gain public trust. Wearing it is a basic requirement for all health bureau personnel.