The assembly process is quite brain-intensive, echoing the construction method and structure of the big dome, the design finally came out after years of incubation.

(Provided by Farglory Group)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] In response to the Lantern Festival, the Taipei Arena returned to Taipei in response to the 23-year absence of the Taiwan Lantern Festival. Farglory Group designed a limited number of paper lanterns in the shape of the Big Egg, combined with the concept of ESG sustainability, using environmentally friendly inks and Paper material, no glue is used in the assembly, and the material package contains more than 30 parts. The assembly is quite brain-intensive. It takes almost an hour to assemble for the first time. It is extremely challenging and echoes the advanced construction methods and structural design of the big arena.

The eco-friendly paper lanterns at the Taipei Arena are designed based on the concept of "field source". Through the interlacing of various spaces and fields, the light is stimulated. It also echoes the concept of holding the 2023 Taipei Lantern Festival in multiple venues, and lights up the city through multi-point connections.

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The lantern is designed from point, line, and surface, combined with multiple integration, technological future, and three major elements of city mapping. The dome building is the main body of the shape, with futuristic curves criss-crossing on the top, and soft colorful tones Embellishment, and a little bit of light can be revealed from the hole, emphasizing the various possibilities of hatching the future, even if it is not suitable for a lantern, it can also be placed as a night light or decoration.

Yang Shunqin, deputy general manager of Farglory Group, said: "The core of the Taipei Arena Paper Lantern egg body is where the 'light source' is located, and the eggshell is a building volume that reflects the sense of the future. The holes on the surface allow light energy to penetrate the building and transmit it. The light source forms a totem, which symbolizes various possibilities in the future, and this time it is made of environmentally friendly materials to achieve the corporate sustainable concept of environmental protection.”

The Taipei Arena paper lanterns are made of eco-friendly soybean ink. The main body of the lantern is made of FSC process and paper material. The handle is also made of eco-friendly paper. It can be placed as a decoration at ordinary times. From today (4th), as long as the public visits Farglory Plaza If you stay in a hotel or Village Hotel, each room will provide a lantern, and you can also participate in the DIY experience activities of the hotel, or go to the Farglory Ocean Park to experience the ocean night sleepless; the quantity is limited and will be delivered.

The Taipei Arena has launched a limited number of environmentally friendly paper lanterns, and it takes at least one hour to complete the assembly.

(Provided by Farglory Group)

There is a little bit of light in the hole of the lantern, emphasizing the possibilities of hatching the future, although it can be placed as a night light or decoration even if it is not a proper lantern.

(Provided by Farglory Group)