According to statistics from the Council of Agriculture, from late January to the present, the cold current has caused agricultural damage, and the ears of high-grained pears have been the most severely damaged.

Chen Junji (right), vice chairman of the Council of Agriculture, went to Houli Pear Garden in Taichung to investigate the disaster.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Wu Baixuan/Taipei Report] The continuous cold snap has caused agricultural damage. According to statistics from the Council of Agriculture, from late January to today (4th), the national agricultural loss was 99.01 million yuan, with Taichung City being the most serious at 58.97 million yuan. The area of ​​crop damage 2,312 hectares, the most severely damaged agricultural production is high-grained pear ears, and the fishery production is damaged by 5.9 million yuan, mainly sea bream, followed by milkfish.

The Council of Agriculture said that due to the impact of the cold snap in late January, agricultural disasters were caused. The Agriculture and Food Administration, the Fisheries Administration, etc. compiled the data from municipalities, counties and cities. As of 5 pm today, the estimated loss of agricultural products nationwide was 99.01 million Yuan.

In terms of counties and cities, Taichung City lost 58.97 million yuan (accounting for 60%), Chiayi County lost 12.66 million yuan (accounting for 13%), Taitung County lost 7.26 million yuan (accounting for 7%), and Pingtung County lost 6.76 million yuan (accounting for 7%). 7%) and Miaoli County lost 5.46 million yuan (6%).

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The Council of Agriculture pointed out that if we look at the loss of agricultural products, the damaged area of ​​crops is 2,312 hectares, with a damage level of 24%, which translates to a non-harvest area of ​​545 hectares. The harvested area was 294 hectares, and the loss amounted to 64.12 million yuan. Other damaged crops include hard corn, lotus mist, seedlings and loquat.

As for the loss of fishery production estimated at 5.9 million yuan, the damaged fishery production is mainly sea bream, followed by milkfish mixed in clam ponds.