As of Saturday, February 4,

nine ships of the army of the Russian Federation are on combat duty in the

Black Sea .

Not a single carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles is among them.

This is reported by the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The military also spoke about the situation with the enemy fleet in the waters of the Azov and Mediterranean seas.

"In the Sea of ​​Azov, the enemy continues to control sea communications, keeping one ship on combat duty. In the Mediterranean Sea, there are 10 enemy ships, of which 5 are carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles, the total salvo is 72 missiles," the message says.

We will remind you that the Reuters agency published a map of Ukraine on which the occupied territories and 

zones of impact by long-range missiles from the new

US military aid package are marked.

Thus, the new weapon will allow the Ukrainian military to hit targets at twice the distance as before.

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