After Wu Zhengcheng, the former principal of Wenquan Elementary School in Taitung County, was dismissed by the county government for having an extramarital affair, some parents hung banners at the school gate demanding "give me back the principal."

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] Wu Zhengcheng, the principal of Wenquan Elementary School in Taidong County, who had won the Teacher Award, was accused of having an extramarital affair by the Taitung County Education Department. After being dismissed by the principal selection committee, Wu refused to accept and filed an administrative lawsuit. The composition of the committee is illegal, and the punishment of dismissal was illegal.

The Education Department stated that it will reconsider the supplementary procedure, and Wu Zhengcheng hopes that the Education Department can solve the problem in good faith.

Wu Zhengcheng was originally the principal of Wenquan Elementary School. The county government found out that he was not suitable for the principal because of his extramarital affairs and misbehavior, and submitted it to the Taitung County Elementary and Middle School Principal Selection Committee to hold the 4th meeting of the 109 school year on December 25, 2019. The meeting deliberated and passed the dismissal of the principal from February 1, 110 and his return to the post of teacher.

Wu refused to accept the lawsuit and was willing to dismiss it. He filed an administrative lawsuit sequentially, requesting a judgment to confirm that the letter issued by the county government on January 19, 2011 was illegal. The Kaohsiung Higher Administrative Law ruled that the letter was confirmed to be illegal. The Taitung County government was not satisfied and filed an appeal. The Supreme Administrative Court rejected .

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The main reason for Wu Zhengcheng's lawsuit is that according to regulations, the selection committee must be composed of socially just persons. However, the representative of socially just persons on the selection committee at that time was an honorary inspector hired by the Education Department and a retired principal. The inspector was still under the command and supervision of the Education Department and could not represent Social justice persons, therefore the formation of the selection committee is illegitimate.

After the trial, the Kaohsiung High Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court both believed that Wu Zhengcheng's proposal was justified, and ruled that the principal selection committee of the Education Department of Taitung County Government violated the law, and the corresponding punishment was also illegal.

Lin Zhenghong, director of the Education Department of Taitung County Government, said that since the court believes that there are flaws in the procedure, it should correct the procedure, hire members who are in line with social justice, and let the new selection committee reconsider Wu Zhengcheng's case.

Wu Zhengcheng said, "I'm not in the position of principal now, what should I consider?"