Ukrainian actor, star of the series "Catch Kaidash"

Taras Tsymbalyuk

shared how his romance with restaurateur Svitlana Hotochkina began.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the star

broke up with his second wife

, stylist Tina Antonenko, and was not looking for a new relationship.

However, fate ordered otherwise.

In a comment to "New Channel" Tsymbalyuk admitted that he was introduced to Svetlana by their mutual friend:

"Everything happened spontaneously! We were introduced by a mutual friend, and from that time we started communicating. Everything was remote, on the phone. But in a few days I felt that I was on the same wavelength with this person. It seemed that we had known each other for more than a year. Such synchronicity happened and understanding when you can be yourself in all manifestations," the actor shared.

Taras Tsymbalyuk with a girl / Photo:

According to Tsimbalyuk, they have been together with Hotochkina for five months.

The couple has many common interests.

In particular, lovers like to go to the gym together.

"We like to do sports. The only thing is, I want to work with iron more often, and Svetlana has, let's say, more girlish training," the artist shared.

Taras Tsymbaliuk and Svitlana Gotochkina / Photo:

In addition, the couple loves to spend time together and do some simple things:

"We enjoy seemingly ordinary activities: having dinner together, watching movies, going for a walk. These banal things have value for us! It's very nice in the evening, when we're tired, to just sit next to each other, plug in our phones and talk at the same time. At this moment, we're cool," he said Tsymbalyuk

Taras Tsymbaliuk with a new girlfriend / Photo:

We will remind, earlier Taras Tsymbalyuk shared

whether they started living together

with Svitlana Hotochkina.

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