This year's Lantern Festival in Ping county government launched the Rabbit Lantern, which unexpectedly became popular.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] The "Bright Rabbit" lantern launched by the Pingtung County Government for the 2023 Pingtung Lantern Festival was unexpectedly popular, with a high degree of inquiries, and some people came to Pingtung several hours earlier from other counties and cities. East card slots lined up for redemption; but recently there was a message on the Internet that small lanterns were being sold, and one was sold for more than 300 yuan, and even handmade charms cost more than 500 yuan.

In this regard, the Ping county government solemnly appealed to the public to "do not resell or buy."

Yin Fenglan, spokesperson of the Pingtung County Government, said that the Rabbit Lantern is a gift for the Lantern Festival at the Pingtung Lantern Festival. People get it by queuing up at various public spots. They appeal to everyone to develop their civic qualities and not to resell or buy. , in order to protect the rights and interests of other people.

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The 2023 Pingtung Lantern Festival in Pingxian Prefecture launched the exclusive "Glow Rabbit Lantern", which subverted the previous origami style and changed it to PVC inflatable dolls. It is matched with colorful LED bulbs and lanyards. The white and fat appearance is quite eye-catching. Freely create ever-changing ways of use, and it can be used as children's toys, space decorations, and doll ornaments on weekdays.

On the 13th of last month, the first wave of small lanterns was distributed in the Xianmin Park Lighting District. There was a crowd of people queuing up at the scene, and the limited number of 2,500 copies that night was all sold out.

The second wave of additional light rabbit lanterns will be distributed from February 2 to February 5. Unexpectedly, there will be resale on the Internet. After receiving the response, the Ping County Government said that it calls on the public to develop their civic literacy and not to resell it. sell, do not buy.

In addition to the cute Rabbit Lantern Festival, the 2023 Pingtung Lantern Festival will continue until February 28. In addition to the wonderful and bright lighting decorations, the county government also invites everyone to visit the Pingtung Lantern District. For more details, please visit 2023 Pingtung Check the Lantern Festival and the official website of the Pingtung County Government, or the Facebook of the "Pingtung County Government Communication and International Affairs Office".