"Dreamlove", the largest sex toy wholesaler in Spain, was patronized by thieves a few days ago. Among the stolen property was a 24K gold-plated electric massage stick with an asking price of 17,000 euros (about NT$550,000).

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(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] "Dreamlove", the largest sex toy wholesaler in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe, its logistics warehouse near Seville was sneaked into by thieves late at night on the 1st of this month , in addition to stealing the belongings in the safe, he also took away 7 metal massage sticks, including a 24K gold-plated electric massage stick worth as much as 17,000 euros (about NT$530,000), which caused the sex toy dealer to lose money. heavy.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the stolen logistics warehouse of Dreamlove is located in a new headquarters covering an area of ​​5,000 square meters in the industrial park of Carmona, Seville. A group of masked thieves and criminal vehicles, they first blocked the entrance and exit with a fence, then cut off the street lamp wires, and then sneaked into the sex toy factory in the dark.

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The three thieves not only stole 25,000 euros (approximately NT$780,000) in cash from the safe, but also took other metal products from the warehouse, including a NT$503,000 to NT$535,000) 24K gold-plated massage stick, and another steel massage stick worth about 2,000 to 3,000 euros (about NT$62,000 to 94,000), a total of 7 metal materials, with a total price of 80,000 euros The electric massage stick (approximately NT$2.518 million) has disappeared.

Mario Romero, the manager of Dreamlove, revealed that because the stolen sex products are "very rare and easy to identify", it is difficult to resell them in the market, and mentioned that Dreamlove has equipped the local factory with automated storage to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse , and let 74 employees work in three shifts. In addition to responding to the increase in demand for this type of product, it is also hoped that by distributing employees in the warehouse, thieves will be prevented from visiting again.