Spanish man Coloma rode naked in his vegetable garden on the 3rd.


[Compiler Guan Shuping/Comprehensive Report] A 29-year-old man in Spain was fined for walking naked on the street. He sued the court to fight for the right to be naked in public places. On the 3rd, the High Court ruled in favor of him.

"Reuters" reported on the 3rd that the man, Alejandro Colomar, was fined for public nudity on the streets of the town of Aldaia in Valencia. The lower court ruled to revoke the fine, but was appealed. The court ruled to dismiss the appeal, but the High Court also acknowledged that there are "legal gaps" in the country's laws regarding nudity in public places.

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Coloma was expected to appear in court naked, wearing only a pair of hiking boots, but was asked to put on some clothing to enter the courthouse.

He told the High Court that the fine violated his ideological freedom.

Spain has allowed nudity in public places since 1988. Anyone can walk naked on the street without being arrested, but some regions such as Barcelona have their own regulations to regulate nudity.

The judge held that there is currently no law prohibiting nudity in Aldaia, Coloma "restricted himself to stay or walk in two different streets in Aldaia" and that his actions did not mean "a change in the safety, tranquility or public order of citizens". ".

Coloma said he started going naked in public in 2020. He said he received more support than humiliation when he walked naked on the street, but he was also threatened with a knife.

"The fines don't make sense at all," he said. "They accused me of being an obscene exhibitionist, which according to the dictionary has sexual intent and has nothing to do with what I've done."