The police sent forensic personnel to the scene to collect evidence to clarify the cause of Zheng's death in a car accident.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Shengru)

[Reporter Wu Shengru/New Taipei Report] A 45-year-old woman surnamed Zheng drove her twin sons to Pingxi District, New Taipei City yesterday (3rd). On the way back to her residence in Keelung at night, she accidentally bumped into an event set up by a manufacturer commissioned by the Tourism Bureau of New Taipei City. Tent, sent to hospital and died.

The police have interviewed the manufacturer to come to the case to explain, and sent him to the court for the crime of negligent death.

According to the police investigation, the woman surnamed Zheng and her two 8-year-old sons lived in the Baifu Community of Keelung City. Yesterday, she rode a scooter and took the children out to play. At 6:47 p.m. On the activity tent set up by the manufacturer for the sky lantern event, one of the boys had bruises on his face and shoulder pain, and Zheng's wife lost her breathing and heartbeat on the spot.

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Ambulance personnel rushed to the scene and gave first aid, but Ms. Zheng did not show signs of life before arriving at the hospital. The hospital declared her dead after more than an hour of rescue.

It is reported that the scene was dimly lit, and the manufacturer who set up the event tent did not install eye-catching reflective items or send personnel to guard it. Ms. Zheng may have discovered the tent before it was too late, and the accident happened.

The police have reported to the prosecutor for inspection today. After reviewing the surrounding monitors and evidence collection data, they will further clarify the cause of Ms. Zheng's death and the attribution of responsibility.

The police were informed that forensic personnel were dispatched to collect evidence.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Shengru)