The Russian military officially "included" the temporarily occupied territories

of Ukraine

in the east and south to the Southern Military District.

This was reported in the intelligence of Great Britain on February 4.

The intelligence officers emphasize: on February 3, 2023, the Russian propaganda state agency TARS reported that Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Zaporozhye region and Kherson region were transferred to the command with headquarters in Rostov-on-Don.

"However, this is unlikely to affect the campaign: Russia is currently deploying forces from all Russian military districts under the command of a special deployed headquarters," British intelligence emphasized.

This "inclusion" followed the January statement by Defense Minister Serhii Shoigu that "military expansion will include the creation of "self-sufficient forces" in Ukraine."

"This move emphasizes that the Russian military is likely seeking to integrate the newly occupied territory into a long-term strategic position," the British report said.

We will remind, the GUR announced that the aggressor 

Russia is preparing for a new attempt at a massive offensive


It is noted that Putin ordered the occupying army to capture the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions by March.

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