Prachin Buri Police

Detained a 33-year-old man, making a plan to confess to the murder case of a 37-year-old woman, bound hands and feet in a dirt pit.

Confessing, taking action because of jealousy of the deceased

On the side of the deceased's relatives, Hoo will Lynch.

The police had to take him back to the Rabo Phai police station.

On the afternoon of February 4, 2023, Maj. Gen. Winai Nuchcha, Commander-in-Chief of the Prachin Buri Province Provincial Police

Colonel Kongsak

Bunsuesuwan, deputy commander of the Prachinburi Provincial Police

Police Colonel Ponganan Raksachat, superintendent of Rabo Phai police station

With an investigative kit and police officers, the Rabo Phai Police Station took Mr. Pisanu Mohajit or Boy, 33, a villager in the area of ​​Moo 8, Mae Sam Subdistrict, Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai Province, accused of murdering Ms. Kotchaphon Kumprasit or Aew, 37 years old, villager, Village No. 1, Krok Somboon Subdistrict, Si Maha Phot District, with a Honda motorcycle, an orange icon, registration GUK 564, Prachinburi, came to a press conference at Rabao Phai police station

Maj. Gen. Winai Nuchcha, commander of the Prachin Buri Provincial Police, said that during the investigation, the accused confessed to all the allegations.

Although at the beginning the accused gave some denial

but from both normal and forensic evidence

He surrendered with evidence.

He therefore confessed throughout the accusation that the cause of the murder of the deceased was living with one of her husbands.

The accused became his girlfriend. The man wanted the deceased to stay with him forever.

You don't have to come back to live with your husband (Tom), so there's an argument.


He admitted to strangling him unconsciously without knowing that he was strangled.

regaining consciousness, the deceased is dead

and lay hugging the corpse all night until the morning before the corpse was discarded 

Prachinburi's commander said that initially the accused confirmed that he had not used drugs.

Insisted that he did it because he loved him so much that he was unconscious.

Men want women to live with them permanently.

Women prostrate at their feet, men agree, and come and join in and argue.

After the crime, he fled to the area of ​​Bang Sai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

While fleeing to hide in a relative's house

The officials keep going.

by dividing the officers into 3 sets of pursuits until the accused was caught

And brought him to investigate at the Rabo Phai police station and charged with intentionally killing others and secretly burying them

Conceal, move or destroy a corpse to conceal death or cause of death.

After that, the police

brought Mr. Phitsanu

The accused went to make a plan to make a confession.

at the scene of the room

where the accused strangled Ms. Kotchaphon until death, with relatives

The Phantom of the Dead

Villagers who heard the news flocked to watch the making of the plan in large numbers, with Ms. Piyawan Phromsorn, the deceased's phantom, saying, "How did you do it? I love mine." We love our girlfriends, let's make our girlfriends like pigs. like a dog 

News reports that

In making the plan, the accused showed a strangulation in the scene room until he died before taking the body into the car and dumping it in a dirt pit.

The officer then took him to make a plan for the second point at the garbage pit, where the body was dumped, with his boyfriend (Tom) and Mr. Somjai (brother) following to see the plan with regret.

and in the midst of the crowd who came to watch the making of plans

which, while making the plan, appeared that

Relatives of the deceased are angry to attack the body.

The police therefore hurriedly took the accused back to the Ra Pad Phai police station immediately.