national team my heart

Last week, "Big Pae" Thirachai Vutitham, president of the Foundation for Thai Athletes

and polymaths in our sports industry 

Send me a rare picture of the Thai football industry to see in my personal line.

It is a combination of 5 managers of the Thai national football team (big set), both past and present.

Which happened at the party of "CMA 8" or Capital Market College, Generation 8 at the Hansar Rajdamri Hotel 

This event is held to celebrate the new year retrospectively. 

And took the opportunity to congratulate "Madam Pang" Nuanphan Lamsam, manager of the iron women team of the Chang Suek team. 

who recently led the Thai national team to defend the ASEAN Cup champion's throne fresh and hot in January 

All 5 people appearing in the picture.

as a team manager in memory

The legendary level of Thai football..

who used to create happiness and fulfillment for the whole nation

Starting from "Big Pae" Thirachai Vutitham, manager of the Thai national team.

1997 SEA Games gold medal set in Jakarta, Indonesia

Which is said to be the most brutal, wild, raw SEA Games in history!  

especially the men's soccer championship

which the host Adonis desires the most .. to grab and win

but have to say goodbye

from losing the Thai national team in the penalty shoot-out in the final match

In the midst of the riot, the Senayan field was burned.

that everyone will never forget for a lifetime 

Especially me who is a journalist who survives one.

who participated in the battle that day 

filled with chaos and chaos of hundreds of thousands of local cheerleaders

It is said that..Indonesia

was the gold medalist of the SEA Games at that time

With a huge record that surpasses any other nation

But it meant nothing when they had to die.

"gold medal equal to the raft" of men's football 

The next person is "Big Sem" or what the media call "Big Gazem" Kasem Jariyawatwong. 

The eldest is small, but "gangster heart" (extremely) who has a lot of experience in the position of national team manager.  

"Big Sam" began to make a name from leading the Thai football team in the SEA Games series.

Went to win a gold medal in the yellow tiger country, Malaysia in 2001 

which is the first time that the football SEA Games

Adjust the age of the player to be under 22 years. 

by the Thai national team

through to the finals with the host

before slashing to win 1-0 to protect the championship for another time 

The name of "Big Same" guarantees the success of the Thai national team as well.

when he was called back to the chair again

It didn't disappoint everyone.

Because Khun Phon Chang Suek, in the era of “Coach Zico” Kiattisak Senamuang, was able to invoke the faith of the long-lost football fans.

by returning the Suzuki Cup championship to Thailand in 2014 

Including winning 4th place at the Asian Games in Incheon in the same year.

As for the favorite manager of the genuine Thai football cheerleaders, this person must be given to him.

"Big Tong" Kittirat Na Ranong, who took over the national team

The Louisiana Cup 2007 in Thailand, we are co-hosts.

In that year, he joined forces with "Coach Lang" Chanwit Pholchewin to make results for the Chang Suek army.

Until climbing up to the 90th place in the FIFA rankings

It's called being a team manager who isn't noticeable.

but has a great image in the eyes of football fans 

Like the boss of the Thai national team in the later era, Big Kajon Chearavanont 

The dedicated president of the partisan "King God" True Bangkok United.

Who came to create success for the Chang Suek team to return to win the King's Cup Football Championship 2016 

which is this champion that has been waiting

of the national team in the past 9 years 

Under the supervision of "Big Kajorn", sports science has been introduced. 

and focusing on correct nutrition

to fill the Thai national team perfectly 

It is a model that makes people who take charge of the national team in later generations.

has taken as a guideline for preparing football players to this day 

present day

That Thai football enters the era of "Believe Pang" 

The name of "Madam Pang" Nuanpan Lamsam, Iron Lady Manager

that was a great success

with the escort of "Chaba Kaew", the Thai women's national football team

Win tickets to go to the Women's World Cup for up to 2 consecutive times 

before she can be trusted

To step up as a manager of the men's national football team 

which with determination

Take it seriously, make the beautiful lady go through the criticism.

and pressure from all directions 

leading the Chang Suek team to lift the ASEAN Championship trophy for 2 consecutive times

No doubt that between 'Thailand and Vietnam' 

Who exactly is "Number 1" of Southeast Asia? The real one, the real voice! 

And the next challenge in life "Madam Pang"

Is to make the dream of the Thai men's football team come true

with the contest for the "World Cup final" quota to be successful ... in the near future   

It's a pity that there is no "Big Hoi" Thawatchai Satjakul and "Big Kong" Wirat Chanphanit in this photo. 

who currently have health problems

also included in the frame 

Otherwise, I will proudly write a caption that 

This is the "National Team my heart" 

of Thai football fans all over the country...truly!!! 

- Be Bangpakong -