"Parliament is like a gladiatorial arena.

It is not proper for the parliament to reach this level.

There will always be battles there, but let them be about ideas, about visionaries, for a better Bulgaria, and not just some people killed and thrown from the stands", said the deputy from "Democratic Bulgaria" Kremena Kuneva in the program "This Saturday".

She crossed the threshold of the parliament for the first time in the 48th National Assembly.

Very often while I was in the National Assembly I went to the library.

I have spoken to the ladies who have worked there for years and maintain the archives.

When it was very tense they said that there was nothing unusual, Kuneva added.

The only thing I don't like myself is the level of these quarrels in the parliament, she said.

"People perceive politics as something very bad and you are left alone.

You have to prove that you haven't changed by entering politics.

In the parliament, you are alone and if you don't have the support of society, it is very difficult to stay", emphasized Kuneva.

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