Enter the job creation camp for off-field problems for "Anthony Gordon", the red wing of "Newcastle United", implying sleep after breaking the law.

After breaking the order prohibiting driving

On February 4, '66, it can be called a camp for job creators on issues outside the field for Anthony Gordon, the red label wing of "Salika Dong" Newcastle United, facing jail after wrongdoing. law

After breaking the order prohibiting driving

It is understood Anthony Gordon was handed a six-month driving ban on Monday after accumulating more traffic prohibition points.

It is expected to be caused by driving at a speed exceeding the legal limit.

Including parking in the prohibited parking as well.

But after two days or Wednesday, Anthony Gordon was captured by the picture that he was violating for a 6 -month car with the merged vehicle. With a girlfriend sitting next to

Which, from the 21 -year -old star, violating this legal prohibition may cause him to be a maximum of 6 months.