Liu Shifang compared the version of her proposal with that of Wang Hongwei, and found that except for the amount and a few words, the content was almost the same.

(Photo taken from Liu Shifang's Facebook page)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Wang Hongwei, a legislator of the Kuomintang, announced yesterday that the proposal will reduce the retirement gift of the president and vice president to 75,000 yuan. DPP legislator Liu Shifang has proposed similar bills in the past.

Liu Shifang announced the difference between the two, and found that the content was almost the same except for the amount and a few words. She pointed out that it was because of the boycott of the Kuomintang that the Kuomintang fell short, and suggested that Wang Hongwei should first consult the opinions of the party.

According to the "Regulations on the Courtesy of Retiring Presidents and Vice Presidents", the remuneration of outgoing presidents is 250,000 yuan per month, and that of vice presidents is 180,000 yuan per month.

Wang Hongwei said yesterday that Chen Jianren once mentioned in a TV program that Tsai Ing-wen believed that after leaving office, the pension of ordinary civil servants should be 75,000 yuan. .

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In this regard, Liu Shifang explained through Facebook that in fact, when the bill was reviewed, whether it was in the committee review or political party negotiation stage, many Kuomintang legislators including the then Secretary of the Kuomintang League in the Legislative Yuan boycotted the amendment bill. Due to the non-consecutive deadlines, I fell short and could not go through the third reading smoothly.

Liu Shifang said that if Wang Hongwei really wants to smear Chen Jianren with courtesy money, he should first consult the opinions of the party, especially Wang Yumin, who defended desperately. After all, it was the Kuomintang who opposed the case back then.

Liu Shifang also suggested that Wang Hongwei should focus more on the bills that the people care about, so as not to disappoint the people's entrustment, and it would not be in vain to sacrifice a seat in Taipei City.

As for the content of the proposal, Liu Shifang said that after reading the text of Wang Hongwei's proposal, she found that it was almost the same except for the amount and a few words. "In any case, thank you, Committee Member Wang, for your appreciation and reference!"

Guo Guowen, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, also left a message questioning that Wang Hongwei was simply cheating on Chen Jianren and copying Liu Shifang's proposal back then.