Nutritionist Tetyana Yarmoshuk


on her Instagram how dishwashing detergents can harm the body.

According to the specialist, it is this liquid that can cause considerable harm to health, and it is practically imperceptible.

All because there are residues of detergents on the plates and other utensils, which are not well washed off.

Although these liquid particles are not visible visually.

Then they enter the body with drinks or food.

It is quite difficult to completely wash off the dishwashing liquid.

To wash off most of it, you need to wash it off only with hot running water for 2-3 minutes.

Only the dishwasher can handle it best so far.

If it is used, there is much less dangerous liquid on the walls of the dishes.

Although not everything is washed away.

Dishwashing detergent: hazardous composition

The nutritionist emphasizes that the main component of all dishwashing detergents are surfactants, which are made from recycled products.

Thanks to them, a thick foam appears, and fat is washed off even in cold water.

When these components enter the body, they load it with toxins.

It especially reaches the detoxification organs, which help to cleanse the body.

Poisoning and intoxication from the inside occurs gradually.

A person does not feel this effect immediately, because the doses are very small.

However, when they systematically and regularly poison the body, the results of exposure can still be noticed years later.

And then a person cannot understand where his allergy, disease or skin problems came from.

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