From February 1, 2023, a new procedure for paying additional monetary rewards to servicemen of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system began to operate.

Now the payments will depend on whether

the soldier is in the rear or directly in the combat zone.

This is stated in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 168 dated February 28, 2022. The Deputy Head of the Social Support Department - Head of the Financial Support and Salary Department, Colonel Oleg Rohal, explained the changes in detail.

How will the payment of soldiers who are on the "frontline" change?

He announced that from February 1, the payment of an additional reward of 100,000 hryvnias to servicemen who take part in hostilities directly on the contact line

will not change.

 However, as of February 1, the amount of monthly financial support for military personnel will increase by an average of 50%.

"That is, if a serviceman received 13,000 hryvnias - this was the minimum financial support last year - then from February 1 this year, a serviceman will receive a minimum financial support of more than 20,000 hryvnias. On the "front" line, a serviceman with a minimum financial support of 20,000 hryvnias will receive together with an additional reward of 100,000 hryvnias — 120,000 hryvnias per month," he explained.

Who will continue to receive 100 thousand hryvnias monthly

In addition to military personnel participating in combat operations on the frontline, 100,000 hryvnias will also be received for the time of combat missions:

  • servicemen of missile troops and artillery;

  • pilots for the time of flights in the areas of hostilities;

  • sailors;

  • military medics (this year we allocated them to a separate category as military personnel, who will be paid 100,000 hryvnias per month);

  • anti-aircraft missile forces and anti-aircraft forces performing tasks in the area of ​​hostilities.

Who will continue to receive 30 thousand hryvnias monthly

A monthly reward of 30,000 hryvnias will be received by servicemen who are part of the country's Defense Forces and who perform combat or special tasks in accordance with combat orders or orders of commanders of military units, Rohal emphasized.

In addition, such a reward will be received by servicemen who will perform the tasks of comprehensive support of the Defense Forces groups, as well as servicemen who are in units included in the reserve of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

30 thousand hryvnias will be paid only for the period of performance of these combat special tasks.

Who will reduce the financial security

The colonel emphasized that the monetary reward will not be paid to those soldiers who are serving in military units and units that are not part of the Defense Forces groups or the Commander-in-Chief's reserve and are outside the areas of hostilities.

These can

be educational centers, military administration bodies, rear bases, etc.

We will remind, in Ukraine, from February 1, the order of payment of 30,000 hryvnias was changed for the military.

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