In Obukhov,

Kyiv region

, a shop assistant stopped a thief who broke into her shop with a stick and rushed at her.

The perpetrator has already been detained by law enforcement officers.  

This was announced by the head of the police of the Kyiv region Andrii Nebytov in Telegram.

It is reported that the woman quickly took the stick from the intruder and kicked him out of the store.

The attacker was sent to a detention center.

"A desperate saleswoman from Obukhov stopped the hooligan herself. The brave woman was not afraid for a moment of the attacker, who suddenly burst into her store and rushed at her with a stick. In a moment, she took the wooden stick and kicked her out...", the report says.

It will be recalled that the law enforcement officers of the Lviv Region

detained the perpetrators who brutally beat a man on the Lviv-Zdolbuniv electric train.

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