Recently, a Japanese netizen shared that he bought a very "beautiful" cat T-shirt, and this puking cat also attracted hundreds of thousands of netizens.

(Picture taken from @gonzui_cat Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Many people will buy clothes with various interesting patterns. Recently, a Japanese netizen shared a PO article, saying that he bought a very "beautiful" cat T-shirt, but many netizens saw this After seeing the pattern on the T-shirt, they all couldn't help laughing.

A Japanese netizen named "ごんずい" on Twitter posted a new white T-shirt he purchased on the 29th of last month. There was a fat black cat on it, and it was spitting out colorful vomit with its mouth open. , and there is a line of "Orororo-ro" written below it to represent the sound of cats vomiting.

Immediately after the photo was exposed, 110,000 netizens made a pilgrimage, and even the original artist who caught the pattern on the T-shirt left a message.

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And this funny and hilarious T-shirt was circulated wildly and reposted on major social media, causing countless netizens to discuss, "I should buy one", "484 Cat grass is too much?", "The picture is too beautiful to spit out. method", "clothes with sound are so cute!", "eat a mouthful of rainbow, vomit a rainbow", "this picture is the same as my QQ mood for making up work", "when did the cat's vomit The schematics have turned into rainbows??".

Good feeling じのシャツbuy った

— ごんずい (@gonzui_cat) January 29, 2023