The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain is preparing a decision on

PMK "Wagner" as

a terrorist organization.

Discussions are currently at an early stage. 

This is reported by The Telegraph with reference to its own sources.

According to the publication, plans to declare the armed formation of Russian businessman Yevhen Prigozhin a terrorist organization have been discussed since January 2023.

However, they were postponed after the British Foreign Office expressed concern about the consequences of such a decision.

It is noted that this topic will be raised again in the department on February 6.

If the British authorities take this step, Wagner's membership in PMC will be recognized as a criminal offense.

It will also be prohibited to attend all events of the group and to wear its symbols in public.

What's more, the article emphasizes, the initiative may affect the ability of PMC to attract money through financial institutions of Great Britain.

It will be recalled that

the United States of America recognized PMK "Wagner" as a transnational criminal organization.

The US Treasury has frozen all the group's assets.

Also, the Lower House of the Parliament of Canada supported the resolution on sending the government a proposal regarding the

recognition of PMC "Wagner" as a terrorist organization.

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