If there are too many vegetable seeds for seedlings and you cannot say with certainty that all of them are viable, there is a proven method.

Just dissolve 20 g of sugar in 100 ml of water and try to germinate the seeds at a temperature of +20 degrees.

So that it does not evaporate, it is better to put the seeds on a napkin, and cover the napkin with a glass lid.

Because of the sweet solution, water will be absorbed longer than pure, and therefore only really strong seeds that have a lot of energy for germination will be able to absorb it.

It is he who should then be planted for seedlings.

There is one misconception among gardeners.

They often count all the seeds that have germinated.

However, this is incorrect.

It is necessary to select only those that gave developed sprouts.

They should be no less than the length of the seed itself.

And if the seed is round, then its diameter is not more than 1 m.

It is better not to select seeds for seedlings if they:

  • has twisted roots or sprouts of an irregular shape;

  • has no roots, although sprouts are present;

  • has cracks on sprouts or roots.

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