Restaurant 101 Bar and Dinner has finally won the legal battle for its illegal closure. 

We remind you that in an unprecedented action of the revenue agency in the summer of 2022.

for 6 consecutive days, 10 checks were carried out at the 101 Bar and Dinner restaurant - "overt" and as a "secret customer" by 22 employees of the National Revenue Agency. 

We learned from the media that the actions of the revenue agency were initiated in the following way: "Vasilev (Radostin Vassilev, then Minister of Youth and Sports) stated that he saw his photo in the toilet of the establishment and told Prime Minister Petkov to send the NRA."

The imperative ordering of NRA inspections by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria is not only not provided for in the law as his authority, but is also a highly disturbing phenomenon in a rule-of-law state.

The culmination of these inspections was the closure of the establishment by the NRA on the grounds that "particularly important state interests must be protected".

Just two days later, the court overturned the measure, finding it unfounded and illegal, and sentenced the National Narcotics Agency without the right to appeal.

Through a crisis PR move, in the most watched time of the national broadcast of BTV, the then director of the NRA, Mr. Rumen Spetsov, gave a special interview to convince the public that the closing of the 101 Bar and Dinner restaurant was not institutional harassment and repression. 

To a specific question from the host if the closure was a political attack, Spetsov answered: "It would be a political attack if there were any deliberate actions, if the establishment, or any object, had no violations and some actions were taken."

Despite the threats and threats from Minister Radostin Vasilev, the court decided - the restaurant 101 Bar and Dinner is working again

We filed a complaint in court not only against the closure, but also a substantive complaint against the non-existent violation in order to prove our good faith and the deliberate actions against us, which we define as political repression.

Both decisions (ASG from 09.06.22 and ASG from 20.12.2022) condemn the NRA for illegal actions and prove that there was no basis for a sanction.

The court also says that with its unlawful actions, the NRA has harmed both the merchant and the state. 

Both court decisions are final and conclusively prove that 101 Bar and Dinner Restaurant is a bona fide merchant who suffered from wrongful and illegal actions that we consider to be political repression.

The illegal closure of the 101 Bar and Dinner restaurant by the NRA is only part of the aggressive actions taken against us immediately after we filed a report against Radostin Vassilev (then Minister of Youth and Sports) to the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office.

Due to this fact, we fear that they were aimed at putting pressure on us in order to "rethink" our position stated in the report and to give up seeking legal protection of our violated rights.

It is inadmissible in a member state of the European Union to close a business because of filing a report against a minister through actions that in any civilized society are defined as an abuse of power.