Drama takes place at the agricultural fair.


confused many people

When one tweeter posted a disapproval of a veterinary student

Kasetsart University

Selling a menu of rabbit meat and crocodile meat.

because he saw that as an animal caretaker

The slaughter of animals for food should not be encouraged.

taking advantage of animals

and would like the organizers to consider

Along with the hashtag #doctor eats patients and also makes the hashtag #agriculture fair trend popular on Twitter

in the midst of criticism

Until some people think it's funny

I thought it was a murder case.

To clarify with many people on the issue of drama that has been agreed, veterinary students

who in the future will become a veterinarian

and a caretaker of all animals

Can it be done or not?

"Prof. Dr. Sathaporn Jittapalpong," Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Technology

Kasetsart University pointed out that the menu of crocodile meat and rabbit meat.

Being an animal in the farm can be done already.

like birds

raised on the farm and came to cook

because it is not an animal that lives in nature

or a wild animal

“We have to separate.

Do not bring animals raised for experimentation, research, or animals that must be released into the wild.

used to make food menus for sale at agricultural fairs

But if it is meat that is not intended for consumption, such as wild animals, it would be even more unethical.”

Except for some types of meat made in a semi-farm, semi-business manner such as quail, rabbits and crocodiles can be done. People will consume it or not depending on the preferences of each person.

It's just a different taste to eat, and actually crocodile meat.

very few people consume

Because most of them use leather to make more bags.

The drama that happened may have quite sensitive people.

which is a minority

see that the doctor eats the patient

would like to understand this issue

Also, most people see it as normal.

Because he didn't hunt rabbits in the forest.

and then used to make food menus

In foreign countries, it looks harder, for example, France consumes horse meat.

It's farm-raised horse meat.

regarded as satisfaction

It's a taste for consumption.

except if consuming dog meat

It is more disturbing.

Most of them will smuggle meat for consumption.

“It's not secretly smuggling and taking rabbits.

to make a food menu

Also, rabbits rarely have diseases.

Like pigs and cows, when they are sick, they heal.

I wouldn't let the veterinarian eat something.

Or if the doctor eats the patient

It would have been eaten for a long time like a milk cow if it happened to die.

must be sent to the slaughterhouse

and rabbits used as food

It is a meat rabbit breed.

Not for sale in Chatuchak

It's not a normal domestic rabbit."

At present, meat rabbits are raised on farms.

considered an economic animal

There are very few in the market.

Not sold like in general stores, must be special ordered.

making it more expensive than 3 beef or rabbits.

and depends on the breed of rabbit

considered a rarity

Make it more expensive than usual.