The body of the Belarusian volunteer Eduard Lobov, who died on December 26 near Vugliadar, will be taken to Warsaw, the time of the farewell will be announced later.

Who is Eduard Lobau

Eduard served in the 72nd separate mechanized brigade.

Participated in the liberation of Kyiv region and Chernobyl from the Russian occupiers.

For the last few months he was under the watchful eye.

Eduard Lobau was born in 1988.

He joined the activities of the "Young Front" after returning from the army.

He served in the 103rd Separate Guards Mobile Brigade in Vitebsk.

In 2011, Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years in prison under the article "Hooliganism" together with the leader of the "Young Front" Zmytr Dashkevich.

He was released on December 18, 2014.

In 2015, Lobov secretly moved to Ukraine and joined volunteers fighting against Russian aggression.

Then he was part of the volunteer battalion "Right Sector", which was stationed near Mariupol.

In 2015, he explained his participation in hostilities as follows:

"I did not go to fight for the freedom of Ukraine, but for the freedom of Belarus.

Because if the Horde doesn't get a bite here in the Donbass, it will move on, and Belarus, I am absolutely convinced, will be swallowed up, like Crimea, in a couple of days."