Xinshan Reservoir drained the water from the reservoir, and carried out the lake fence project and the water pipeline repair project. The water level of the reservoir is very low, but the water level of the Keelung River is abundant and does not affect the public's water supply.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

[Reporter Lu Xianxiu/Report from Keelung] The Xinshan Reservoir dam of the Taiwan Water Supply Company is undergoing water pipeline renovation and other projects.

Legislator Cai Shiji and staff from the First District Management Office of the Water Supply Company went to Xinshan Reservoir for investigation. It is estimated that the project will be completed on February 20. It is now the Keelung River's high water season and will not affect people's water use.

Today (4th) Cai Shiji went to Xinshan Reservoir with MPs Hong Senyong, Wu Huajia and others to survey the Xinshan Reservoir. Chen Suqing, deputy director of the first district management office of the water company, and Pan Hongwei, director of Xinshan Water Supply Plant, explained the project status.

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Xinshan Reservoir Renovation Project is currently constructing the Lanhu Fence project of the first water intake tower and the repair of water pipeline leakage. The water level will return to normal in July, and at this stage, affected by the northeast monsoon, the flow of the Keelung River is abundant, so users don't have to worry about water use.

Cai Shiji said that the Xinshan Reservoir is a very important area for water use in the entire Da Keelung. The water level of the reservoir has dropped because of the repair of the Lanhu Gate Project of the water intake tower and the restoration of the water pipeline. Due to the construction, the Xinshan Reservoir needs to be restored The water in the reservoir has dropped to the construction level, so you will see the low water level on the water status page of the reservoir.

Cai Shiyi added that this is the first time that the water level of the Xinshan Reservoir has been lowered to such a low level since it was built to store water. Construction during the water season, citizens do not have to worry about water use.

Legislative member Cai Shiying (left) and Chen Suliao (middle), deputy director of the first district division of the water company, surveyed the renovation project of the Xinshan Reservoir.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)