The 120-jin new diced pan became the focus of the event.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Tomorrow's Lantern Festival, "2023 Taichung New Ding Boil Festival" will be held simultaneously in Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, Taichung Hakka Story Hall, and Dongshi Cultural Street today and tomorrow. The focus of the event is 120-jin super new Ding Boiled tortoises made an appearance. Today’s opening event was kicked off by CITIC Brothers’ cheerleading dancers. 26 groups of characteristic street-walking teams walked around Dongshi Street. Everyone cut up 120 catties of super new diced rice, which brought a climax to the event and gave it to the people on site. The scene was lively.

Today's event was attended by the deputy mayor of Taichung City Wang Yumin, the vice chairman of the Hakka Committee Fan Zuoming, the legislator Jiang Qichen, the city councilor Wu Zhenjia, Zhang Jingfen, the chairman of the Hakka Committee of the Taichung City Hall Jiang Junlong, and many district chiefs. Kick off.

Wang Yumin said that the "Dongshi New Dingguan Festival" was listed as one of the national "Hakzhuang Festivals" by the Hakka Committee. It is the most grand cultural festival in the year in the Shancheng area. The "Culture of Gai" is registered as an intangible cultural property of Zhongshi.

In addition, advocating sexual equality and encouraging childbirth is the core spirit of the New Ding Bo Festival. Tomorrow (5) will be held on the "half of the first month" for a child-seeking ceremony. People who are eager to seek children are welcome to sign up to participate.

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The Hakka Committee of the Central Municipal Government pointed out that this year, a series of lively and exciting activities will be planned for two consecutive days. The exhibition hall of the park will display 120 catties of super new diced rice dumplings and peach rice dumplings, which symbolize gender equality, and will be distributed to the people at the scene in the evening; A series of activities such as Wenchang, Hake Dance Youth, Chill Mountain Night, Xinding Night Show, etc., including parks, Taichung Hakka Story Hall, Dongshi Cultural Street, etc. A total of 180 activity booths are planned, including community growth classrooms, DIY experience, Hakka food, farming Special products, handicrafts, etc., show the diversity of Hakka's real estate industry.