The underage son of an Indonesian congressman crashed his car while driving without a license.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] In Indonesia, on the 2nd of this month, a male high school student crashed into a car without a license. There was also a girl in the car with him. She was naked at the time of the incident, and the mother of the male high school student was a local MP.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a car accident occurred in Jambi, Indonesia, on the evening of the 2nd. A red Toyota sedan rammed itself into a utility pole outside Siloam Hospitals. The police arrived and the front of the car was hit The car was a mess, and the driver who caused the accident was an underage male high school student in uniform. There was no doubt that he was driving without a license.

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The absurd thing is that the girlfriend of the male high school student was sitting in the passenger seat. Unlike the male high school student, she was naked and completely naked. Her leg was broken due to the impact, and the male high school student only had a few bruises. .

The police responded to the incident on the 3rd. At present, the police took a urine test on the male high school student according to law, and the results showed that he did not drink or take drugs.

The vehicle involved in the accident has a red license plate, which means that the vehicle is a government vehicle; the police checked the license plate of the vehicle involved in the accident and found that the vehicle was registered under the name of a Jambi provincial councilor. This official is the mother of the male high school student involved in the accident. High school student secretly drives out without mother knowing.

Public opinion speculates that the male high school student may have been driving with his girlfriend "black skin" while distracted driving, which led to the accident; the specific cause of the male high school student's accident is yet to be clarified by the Indonesian police.

emang agak laen anak pejabat sikok ni

— Base Budak Jambi (@BaseJambi) February 3, 2023