People from national security pointed out that China’s direct outsourcing mainland Internet marketing company has launched an online troll army to attack President Tsai Ing-wen and former Premier Su Zhenchang’s Facebook. combat mode.

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[Central News Agency] National security sources point out that China's direct outsourcing mainland Internet marketing company has launched an online cyber troll to attack President Tsai Ing-wen and former Executive Premier Su Zhenchang's Facebook. Class" cognitive combat mode.

National security sources pointed out that in addition to using official media and online media to disseminate public opinion content criticizing our government, China also directly outsourced mainland Internet marketing companies to launch Internet trolls, attacking President Tsai Ing-wen and former Premier Su Zhenchang’s Facebook, with a large number of " The cannon fodder of pheasant vegetables is beyond self-control", "I compare myself to Ukraine as cannon fodder for Americans" and other similar messages were washed out.

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The national security unit used the information system to conduct an in-depth analysis, and found that as many as 825 accounts were abnormal Facebook accounts. Among them, it was even found that the navy account "Yanchun Song" had introduced himself to set up a media planning company in Liaoning Province, and further compared his real identity to the land enterprise "Dandong Bokai" Song Yanchun, General Manager of Advertising Company.

National security personnel pointed out that China's operation method of using Internet trolls to release disputed information to influence Taiwan's Internet public opinion has been cracked by the national security unit.

The first layer of this model uses discarded fake accounts to post, and then the second layer is Facebook fans managed by foreigners to help share screenshots, the third layer uses a large number of human accounts to expand reposting, and the fourth layer is the third layer Fake accounts are shared to public Facebook groups commonly used by Chinese people, and the above-mentioned methods increase the hit rate and number of views of controversial messages, and mislead Chinese people to continue to forward content of disputed news to other Facebook groups or LINE closed groups, so as to To achieve China's ultimate goal of "brainwashing Taiwan and defeating others without fighting".

According to intelligence information, China intervened in last year's "nine-in-one" election through the above-mentioned manipulative tactics, and has set the next stage goal to influence the "two-in-one" election in 2024. People's livelihood and economic issues such as "the gap between rich and poor in China" and "price inflation", as well as national defense and diplomatic issues such as "targeted military exercises against Taiwan", "high-priced arms sales to Taiwan and the United States" and "the United States' abandonment of Taiwan" continue to be hyped "The government is incapable of governing" and "the cross-strait war is imminent" and other themes of discussion.

People from the National Security Bureau pointed out that China is also using "Taiwan to attack Taiwan" and "seeking needles" and other contentious and hype tactics to take advantage of domestic current affairs topics to attack the government with political issues before the election, taking advantage of the situation to launch a cognitive warfare offensive against Taiwan. Inciting and criticizing the government's voices, affecting the perception of the people of the country.

We call on the public to improve their awareness of media literacy, and not allow foreign forces to easily destroy our country's democracy, freedom and purity.