Shusha is a very ancient city.

APA reports that Daniel Muniz, a traveler from Brazil who visited the liberated areas, told reporters during his visit to Shusha.

The foreign traveler talked about the history of the city and the vandalism committed in the area during the occupation.

"When one thinks that centuries ago the merchants who came to Shusha stopped their caravans here on the walls of this castle, it is a great feeling.

As I learn about the history of this city, I try to imagine what I have read and heard, to bring it to life before my eyes.

All this makes one wonder what an interesting place the city is.

Before coming here, I visited other parts of Karabakh.

I saw great ruins there.

This is very embarrassing.

They destroyed the history of these places," said the traveler.

Daniel Muniz added that history should not be forgotten in order to see the future.

Fuad Sadigov