Caught, the former policeman shot and killed a policeman in Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai, using more than a hundred officers, fully armed.

Patrol inspected every suspicious spot, found hidden under the grass.

carrying 2 guns, carrying a gun into the sky to threaten the villagers

The police issued a warrant for their arrest, escaped, and a fight broke out.

Around 4:15 p.m. on February 4, 2023, police officers from the Special Operations Unit

Chiang Rai province

Special Weapons Unit, Provincial Police Region 5, Wiang Chai Police Station and nearby Police Stations, Border Patrol Police 327, Border Patrol Police Dog Unit 32, Flying Police under the direction of Pol. Commander-in-Chief of Police Operations Division 5, Pol. Maj. Gen. Duldecha

Archawa Smithtrakul

Chiang Rai Provincial Police Chief, Pol. Col. Chitrakorn Palakawong Na Ayutthaya, over 100 of Wiang Chai Police Station Superintendents arrested Mr Wuttikrai Kruesarn, 36, a member of Village 7, Huay Sak Subdistrict. Muang district, Chiang Rai province, a former police officer in Narathiwat province who shot Pol Maj Prem Tan Tui, 41, the group commander of the Wiang Chai Police Station, died while surrounded and searched for weapons. and illegal things

The incident occurred around 7:00 a.m. on February 4, 2023, in the middle of the rice field, Ban Chaiyaphum, Moo 10, Wiang Chai Subdistrict, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai Province, before the assailant fled.

The officers have laid carpets to search along the expected route.

Wuthikrai hides

and where the officers were last seen before they disappeared

It is a garden belonging to one villager, covering an area of ​​approximately 20 rai, with a teak plantation, fruit orchard, agricultural plots and 5-6 fish ponds that can be used as a hiding place.

which is less than 1 kilometer from the scene of the accident, but still has not been found

The officials therefore planned

Check the condition of the surrounding area.

together with the stories of the villagers who saw the suspect

before going into the siege and searching one point at a time

Until the patrol officers are 2 kilometers away from the scene of the incident, checking every point 2-3 rounds, where the attacker is expected to hide in a flat area.

and the grass grows tall

but still not found

therefore preparing to withdraw but heard the sound of broken wood

Therefore, a signal was sent to the officers to come together and search.

and found Mr. Wuttikrai

hiding under the grass

and willingly surrendered himself

From the discovery that

Inside the bag were 2 firearms, CZ brand, caliber 9 mm and a revolver of unknown caliber with lots of ammunition.

Initially, Mr. Wuttikrai confessed that before the incident he fired a gun and threatened villagers.

Therefore, the officer brought a warrant to search.

Therefore ran away from the back of the house with a backpack loaded with firearms Go to the middle of the rice field During that time, Major Prem Tan Tui, 41 years old, the position of the group commander of the Wiang Chai Police Station along with 1 other police officer. Mr. Ran followed and Maj. Prem arrived first, so there was a fight.

Before he used a Z-brand firearm, he fired 2-3 shots and swam across the canal to the other side. At that time, the shirt fell off with the water.

So he went and put on the scarecrow's red shirt.

Until he came to hide and was finally caught.