When another video of KK Pathak went viral, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said that it is not tolerable.


On another video of Bihar's abusive IAS officer KK Pathak

going viral, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said that he has seen the first video and it is not tolerable.

Let us tell you that another video of KK Pathak has gone viral.

In this too, he is abusing a lot.

In the video, he is addressing the officers by calling them bastards, idiots, donkeys.

Recently, the controversy over the abusive video had not stopped that another video of KK Pathak, Principal Secretary and Director General of the Department of Prohibition, has also surfaced.

This time KK Pathak is abusing the IAS officer except the officers of Bihar.

This video of KK Pathak is during a video conferencing meeting, in which he says that without mother and sister no one gets intelligence.

Another video of Bihar's 'abusive' IAS goes viral, Tejashwi said- "Not tolerable.." pic.twitter.com/5Vo6otBtUB

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) February 4, 2023

"Ullu Ka Pattha, Idiot, Donkey..."

KK Pathak was having a meeting regarding the cooperative.

In this they say, "Remove all the co-operatives. We will distribute everything by ourselves."

KK Pathak does not stop here.

It is said, "Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir.. Keep saying that Sir will do, Sir will do, Sir will do. Bastards are all heads here.. Who is the common man in Bihar?"

That's why he said to an officer of Rohtas, "Where did Rohtas die.." Then instructing the officer of Bikramganj, "Take the co-operative's monkey sitting there and take it over."

In the same meeting, while scolding an officer, he said, "Ullu ka pattha, idiot, gadha..." Then he said, "All of them are worthless, donkeys."


was lodged on the first video When the first video of KK Pathak came, the Bihar Administration Service Association protested and filed an FIR.

Regarding this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had also given a statement that the Chief Secretary is investigating the whole matter, but once again his abusive video has come to the fore.

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video- Video Viral of Bihar's abuser IAS: abuses officers, says "abuse" to the public 

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