The "black box" from the helicopter of the State Emergency Service, which fell on the territory of a kindergarten in


on January 18 , will be deciphered in a few weeks. 

This was announced by the head of the parliamentary committee on law enforcement Serhiy Ionushas on the air of the national telethon.  

"I know that our law enforcement officers are already working together with their French colleagues. I hope that in about a week, two at the most, the "black box" will still be deciphered, and after that we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the most high-priority version in more detail," he said deputy.

According to him, the versions of the pilot's error and the technical malfunction of the rotorcraft are priorities.

At the same time, sabotage is not rejected, but it is not one of the priorities.

The plane crash in Brovary on January 18

In Brovary, a helicopter crashed near a kindergarten, on board

the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

, including Minister Denys Monastyrskyi, First Deputy Minister Yevhen Yenin and State Secretary Yuriy Lubkovich, passengers and pilots were killed.

Civilians - people and children - were also injured as a result of the plane crash.

A total of 14 dead people were found at the scene of the tragedy, including a girl born in 2017.

Recently, the Russians spread a

fake "document" on the Internet about the cause of the helicopter crash in Brovary.

Thus, on the propaganda channels of the Kremlin, the aggressor spreads a fake that the helicopter in Brovary was allegedly "destroyed with the Igla MANPADS". This information is false.

Law enforcement officers are still

waiting for the results of the examinations regarding the crash of the State Emergency Service helicopter

in Brovary, Kyiv region, as a result of which, in particular, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs died.

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