Some netizens shared that they accidentally got a thousand banknotes with the number "666666" a few days ago.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Many people go to the bank to exchange money, but they can hardly get banknotes with serial numbers.

However, some netizens shared that he accidentally got a 1,000-yuan bill with the number "666666", and he immediately called out, "Finally there are 6 serial numbers, so cool, so cool."

The netizen said on the Facebook group "Bangwa Commune" a few days ago, "I look at the money every day, and I finally see you. It's hard to get~ In the collection board, there are finally 6 consecutive numbers. It's so cool." Attached is a photo of a thousand-yuan bill with the serial number "CR666666VG".

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After the article was exposed, it attracted many netizens to discuss it, and they left messages expressing "too lucky", "the value must be more than 1000!", "earned money", "great, I haven't seen this kind of serial number", "I feel like there are children who will be killed Scolded XD".

However, the original PO also analyzed in the comment section that this kind of banknote with serial numbers "should be marked by the adults at the bank, but the children didn't know it and secretly took it out to buy things. Most people don't pay attention, so they have been wandering around the world." It just happened to be later. When I found it, I decided to collect it.