Prosecutor Huang Jinqiu (right) of the High Prosecutor's Office and Wang Tuzhi (left) of the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office had a dispute in the 88th guild hall, and both were transferred to the Prosecutor Evaluation Committee.

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[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] Prosecutor Wang Tuzhi from the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office and Huang Jinqiu from the High Prosecutor's Office suspected that they went to the guest house "88 Clubhouse" for a banquet with the police. Unexpectedly, Guo Zhemin, the person in charge of the clubhouse, became the defendant in the money laundering case. He fled to the United States before the search by the prosecutors and police, which caused some people to suspect that the prosecutor had improper dealings with the underworld.

The Ministry of Justice pointed out on the 4th that this case concerns the image of the prosecutor, and the High Prosecutor's Office has simultaneously launched administrative and criminal investigations, and no flaws will be tolerated.

Some people questioned that the High Prosecutor's Office's administrative investigation report on the 88 Guild Hall did not reveal the whole picture, hiding the suspected improper dealings between the parties and the underworld.

The Ministry of Justice stated that this case involves different areas of administrative responsibility and criminal responsibility, and is being carried out separately according to the law.

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The Ministry of Justice stated that after learning that the prosecutor was invited to the hostel of the suspect involved in the underground exchange money laundering case, it immediately ordered the High Prosecutor's Office and the ICAC to ascertain the facts as soon as possible to clarify the relevant administrative and criminal responsibilities and punish them strictly according to law.

At the same time, Huang Jinqiu, who was accused of being involved, was also transferred from his current position (director of the Political Affairs Office of the Police Department), waiting for investigation to show public trust.

The Ministry of Justice pointed out that the results of the administrative investigation announced by the High Prosecutor's Office a few days ago have been handed over to the respective prosecutors' offices or heads of agencies for discussion in accordance with the provisions of the "Judges Act" regarding the violation of the "Prosecutor's Ethics Code" and other administrative responsibilities of the relevant prosecutors. place.

Among them, the cases of the two prosecutors surnamed Huang and Wang have been transferred to the Prosecutor Evaluation Committee for individual case evaluation.

As for whether there is any contact between the prosecutor and the members of the underground exchange group and the criminal responsibility involved in the crime, in addition to the relevant cases being investigated by the Taipei and New Taipei District Prosecutors Offices, the High Prosecutors Office also sent the investigation results to the New Taipei District in separate cases The prosecutor's office merged the investigation and handling of the case, and the agency is now actively investigating and handling it in accordance with the law.

"A gentleman should first correct himself!" The Ministry of Justice emphasized that it has always strictly required judicial officials to first correct themselves, and that prosecutors are responsible for criminal investigation and have the responsibility to protect the defense of social justice. Their character and integrity are related to the people's trust in the judiciary. Strictly abide by integrity and integrity, without any flaws, we will continue to use the highest moral standards to require prosecutors to adhere to the ethics of prosecutors, the ethics of civil servants and other related duties and ethics, and continue to implement the prosecutor evaluation system to eliminate incompetent prosecutor.

The Ministry of Justice explained that as a judicial administrative agency, it cannot interfere with individual cases according to the law. Therefore, it must uphold the stance of non-intervention, non-intervention, and non-guidance for specific criminal cases under investigation, strictly observe boundaries, and respect the powers of prosecutors to investigate and handle according to law.

The Ministry of Justice pointed out that this case is related to the honest and honest image of the prosecutor, and it will fully support the prosecutor in the investigation to the end and find out the relevant criminal responsibilities. Respond to the advice from all walks of life, and use the discipline and official admonitions.