As of the morning of Saturday, February 4,

electricity consumption

decreased compared to the working day, and production at thermal power plants increased slightly.

Accordingly, the power deficit decreased.   

This was reported by the press service of NEC "Ukrenergo".

The company reported that one unit at the thermal power plant was out of repair.

Also, thanks to the restoration of the transformer equipment at the "Ukrenergo" substation, another unit at one of the power plants was put into operation.

However, the available volume of generated electricity is insufficient to cover the full consumption.

The power deficit persists.

Network restrictions are also in place in the Odesa region.

Shortage of electricity 

As a result of Russian missile and drone attacks in Ukraine, power plants (generating capacities) and the high-voltage network were damaged.

13 missile and 15 drone attacks caused significant damage to high-voltage network facilities and power plants. 

As a result of a large-scale accident at one of the substations of NEC "Ukrenergo",

there are emergency shutdowns in Odesa and nearby areas.

Together with the Odesa Regional Military Administration and Oblenergo, "Ukrenergo" specialists are developing backup schemes for the recovery of Odesa and surrounding areas. 

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