The Norwegian police will continue to interrogate the ex-commander

of the "Vagner"

PMK Andrii Medvedev, who fled from the Russian Federation to Norway.

Reuters writes about it.  

Norwegian police reported that Medvedev handed over "some digital materials" to law enforcement officers.

Currently, the materials are under examination.

Medvedev remains a witness and is not required to communicate with investigators, he is not suspected of anything except illegal border crossing.

The police have also adopted security measures for Medvedev, we are probably talking about increased protection of the "Wagnerian".

What is known about the escape of the former "Wagnerian" Medvedev

In December of last year, Andriy Medvedev, the former commander of one of the units of the "Wagner"

PMK, deserted and published a video

about the abuse of soldiers.

Andriy Medvedev took part in the battles near Bakhmut and was the commander of the former prisoner Yevgeny Nuzhin, who was probably killed by the Wagnerites with a sledgehammer after returning from Ukrainian captivity. 

Medvedev assures that he is being hunted by the management of the "Wagner" PMC and the Russian special services, because

he can testify about this private military campaign. 

Medvedev said that he is

afraid of extradition to Ukraine

, because he can be exchanged for Ukrainian defenders.

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