The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vucic - Serbian lawyer and politician. Aleksandar Vucic was born on March 5, 1970 in Belgrade.

said today, on the second day of a parliamentary session on the issue of Kosovo, which will present a report on negotiations with Pristina from September 1 to January 15, that unlike some members of the opposition, he respects Russia and does not serve it, and that he serves only to Serbia, Tanjug reported.

In response to MP Ivan Kostic from the Dveri movement, who asked him why he ended institutional cooperation with Russia, Vucic recalled that he was the only one who met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the UN General Assembly in September.

"What exactly are you complaining about? You don't know or you just forgot about this meeting. Do you think we should put Serbia under pressure and do it every day? What have we done against Russian interests, that we sit and suffer, we don't interfere with them interests. Every day I see stories about Serbian volunteers. Have I ever been angry with them for helping? I have never invited Navalny or anyone else," he said.

Vucic pointed out that the bottom line is that the geopolitical circumstances for Serbia are worse, not better, and are the worst in the last 10-15 years.

He urged the opposition to take a more realistic view of the situation and said he was exposed to attacks and pressure wherever he appeared for not imposing sanctions on Russia.

"And I didn't ask for gratitude from anyone, because with this I was not defending Russia, but the freedom of Serbia to have its position. What do you want, to negotiate or not to negotiate on Kosovo? Tell me what we will get if we don't negotiate. Withdrawal of investments is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. The Russians have done well, but the sanctions have had an impact - certainly a big one. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you," Vucic said.

Clashes in the Serbian Parliament and protests against President Vucic

Serbia may have to introduce sanctions against Russia, Vucic also told the MPs.

He added that he is not happy about it, but Belgrade is already paying the price for not doing so until now.

He said he was "praying to God" that peace would reign as soon as possible, adding that the word peace was banned everywhere.

"I have a correct relationship with President Vladimir Putin, we should not play with him and ignore potential threats coming from the West. This is not a question of love, but of the survival of our country. If we participated less in reality shows and watched our country, we would have had more success," said Vucic.

He reiterated that yesterday's events in the parliament, when it came to tension, clashes between ruling and opposition MPs and insults, were shameful and bad for Serbia and terrible for the opposition.

"This is not a decision, now you are in the institutions, speak with arguments, this is politics. /Albin/ Kurti and the Croats and their media were happy and everyone is on your side," said Vucic, addressing the opposition, BTA reports.

Alexander Vucic