Netizens shared that he would fold the quilt into dried tofu after checking out of the hotel, but other netizens complained.

(taken from Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Folding quilts into "dried tofu" when serving in the army is the memory of many men. Recently, a netizen shared a photo of finishing the "housekeeping" before checking out of the hotel. Netizens made complaints about it, but doing so caused inconvenience to the housekeeping staff, and the post also aroused many discussions.

A netizen posted on the Facebook group "Happy Laughing Commune 2" that since he was discharged from the army in 2014, he has had a sequelae, that is, seeing white quilts, no matter how big or small, he can't help but fold them into dried tofu, even in the bathroom. The towels are not spared, and the corners are pinched.

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However, after the article was posted, many netizens pointed out that the behavior of the original PO would cause trouble for the housekeeping staff, "In fact, this will cause trouble for the cleaning staff...", "Actually, the aunt finds it annoying, because everything If you want to throw it into the trolley for's better to put all the guests in one corner so that auntie can clean them up."

In the face of doubts, the original PO also said that he packed the garbage first and put it aside, and separated the used and unused spare parts. He even wrote a note and left a tip, and he folded the quilt just because he wanted to The first thing you see when you open the room is tidy.

The original PO didn't even spare the corners of the towels, pinching them neatly.

(taken from Facebook)