The trial against the Belgian serial killer Stephane Du Lion began this morning in a court for serious crimes in Antwerp, reports BTA.

The 50-year-old window cleaner from Durnay is accused of murdering four women between 1992 and 1997. He was only caught in 2018 after DNA analysis.

Du Lyon admitted to committing the crimes but said he could not remember all the details.

The four victims - Ariane Mazijn (30 years old), Lutgarda Bogerts (28), Maria Van den Reck (46) and Eve Popp (38) - were strangled.

The police also found traces of sexual violence with the first woman.

Due to health problems: Serial killer released early

DNA samples taken during the investigation into Mazijn's 1992 murder matched Du Lyon's DNA after he was convicted of attempted burglary nearly 25 years later in 2015.

Then he confessed that he had killed Arian Mazijn.

When Yves Pope was found strangled in her Antwerp apartment in 1997, police questioned Du Lyon as a witness because he was cleaning the victim's windows.

He was questioned again in 2019 and, after initially wanting to exercise his right to remain silent, subsequently decided to plead guilty not only to the murders of Eve Popp, but also to those of Lutgarda Bogaerts in 1993 and of Maria Van den Reck in 1994.

The defendant could not remember many details of the crimes he committed, but told investigators he felt relieved after the confessions.

Du Lyon claimed that for years he had repressed the memory of the murders in his mind and that it was now difficult for him to recover the forgotten facts.

However, according to experts, his amnesia is fake.

Du Lyon could be sentenced to life in prison.


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