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   on February 3   

"Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, "Democratic Bulgaria" firmly supports Ukraine, which is fighting not only for its freedom, but also for the security of all of Eastern Europe. 

On the last day of the 48th National Assembly, together with our colleagues from Continuing the Change, we held a meeting with Fedor Venislavskyi, President Zelenskyi's representative in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, members of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Committee, as well as Ukraine's Ambassador to Bulgaria Vitaly Moskalenko DB reported on their Facebook page.

DB and PP also met with Ukrainian MPs


"Today we adopted the procedural rules for nominations and arrangement of the lists.

If Mr. Peevski has enough nominations, I will insist that he does not give up participation in the lists."

Karadayi: I will insist that Delyan Peevski does not give up participation in our lists


The new elections will cost BGN 87 million


Very bad news for pro-Russian anti-euro propagandists: "Record inflation" in Croatia due to the adoption of the euro turned out to be only 0.2%...

"Record inflation" in Croatia due to the adoption of the euro turned out to be 0.2%


A US destroyer dropped anchor in the Bosphorus


Peskov: "We perfectly understand what unprecedented pressure the leadership of Serbia is under from the collective West..."

The Kremlin reacted to Vucic's statement that he might have to impose sanctions on Russia


The interlocutor of the British media said that during an interrogation in a village near the southeastern city of Melitopol, a colonel from the Russian army found out that one of the captured Ukrainians was a sniper.

“The colonel, hearing this, became furious.

He made the POW take off his pants and asked him, "Are you married?"

After receiving a positive response, the interrogator said, "Now I'm going to make you a girl, record this and send the video to your wife," the former officer added.

Efremov also confirmed the cases of mass looting.

"We entered an abandoned neighborhood. The soldiers pounced on everything they saw. They stole axes, bicycles, lawn mowers," he added.

A former Russian soldier admitted to tortured Ukrainians


Around 40 countries could boycott the next Olympics, which would render the entire event meaningless, Polish Sports and Tourism Minister Kamil Bortnyczuk said, as quoted by the BBC.

His comments came after Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia jointly rejected the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) plan to allow Russians and Belarusians to compete in 2024.

40 countries boycott the Olympics if Russian and Belarusian athletes participate in them


The German chain "Lidl" (Lidl) intends to significantly reduce products of animal origin in its assortment.

This was announced earlier this week by Christoph Graf, head of the company's supply chain for the German market, Spiegel reported.

According to Graff, this decision is "no alternative" because "we don't have a second planet". It is important to behave in a way that takes into account the limitations of the planet, so that its resources are sufficient for 10 billion people. This could be achieved only if the share of meat in consumption decreases, he points out.

A large retail chain is reducing the supply of animal products


In an interview with the BBC, billionaire Bill Gates said he would rather pay for vaccines than travel to Mars because it is a better use of money.

Bill Gates pointed out that it is actually quite expensive for a human to go to Mars, while he could buy measles vaccines for $1000 and save a lot of people's lives.

The BBC noted that fellow entrepreneurs of Bill Gates have completely different ambitions.

Elon Musk, co-founder of the rocket company SpaceX, aims to send manned flights to Mars and colonize the Red Planet.

And Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, heads the company Blue Origin and made a short trip to space in 2021.

Bill Gates: I'd rather pay for vaccines than travel to Mars


Legendary fashion designer Paco Rabanne has died