Ukrainian actor

Taras Tsimbalyuk

shared how he spends time with his beloved, businesswoman

Svitlana Hotochkina


The couple only recently announced their relationship and began to share

photos together

more often on the Internet.

However, as Taras admitted, they do not live together yet. 

"We enjoy everyday life. Ordinary, it would seem, actions: having dinner together, watching movies, going for a walk. These banal things have value for us! It is very nice in the evening, when we are tired, to just sit next to each other, plug into our phones and talk at the same time. At this moment, we are cool ", the actor told "New channel". 

Taras Tsymbaliuk and Svitlana Gotochkina / Photo:

So far, the couple does not live together, but this does not prevent them from seeing each other often and sharing common hobbies.

So, for example, Taras and Svitlana are both sports fans.

"We are united by a common sense of humor. Also, to some extent, the gym. We like to do sports. The only thing is, I want to work more often with iron, "swing", and Sveta, let's say, has more girlish training," the actor shared.

Taras Tsymbalyuk with a girl / Photo:

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