CIA Director Burns was rumored to have secretly visited Moscow last month to propose to Putin on behalf of Biden that Ukraine give up 20% of its territory in exchange for the end of the war.


[Compile Sun Yuqing/Comprehensive Report] Swiss media disclosed on the 2nd that the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Burns secretly visited Russia last month and proposed to the Russian side on behalf of US President Joe Biden that Ukraine should cede 1/5 of its territory in exchange for the end of the war. The Ukrainian-Russian War, but the US and Russian authorities have sternly denied it.

The Swiss "New Zurich Zeitung" (NZZ) quoted a senior German diplomat on the 2nd as saying that CIA Director Burns visited Moscow secretly on behalf of President Biden in mid-January to convey to President Putin that Biden hopes to avoid the continuation of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Therefore, it is proposed that Uzbekistan give up about 20% of its territory, which is equivalent to the area of ​​Donbass in Udon, in exchange for Russia to end the war.

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It is understood that Burns also secretly visited Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, in January to discuss the Ukrainian-Russian war with President Zelensky in person.

As for the so-called cession of land and peace talks, the Kyiv authorities rejected the proposal on the grounds that they "do not want to divide the territory." The Moscow authorities believed that Russia would eventually win in the long run and did not accept the peace talks.

Because of the proposal to break the situation, the United States agreed to aid Ukraine with 31 Abrams M1 tanks on January 25.

Not only that, but the report also pointed out that American officials were divided into two groups on how to deal with the Ukrainian-Russian war. Burns and White House national security adviser Sullivan advocated ending the war as soon as possible so as to concentrate on dealing with China, but Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin refused to meet Going to Russia to evade responsibility for disrupting peace and order, calling for large-scale military aid to Ukraine.

White House National Security Council deputy spokesman Sean Davett (Sean Davett) dismissed the report as "incorrect"; a CIA official also dismissed the claims as "completely false."

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also dismissed the report as a "hoax".