A 17-year-old boy in Japan recently went to the chain sushi chain "Sushiro" to eat, but made out-of-order behaviors such as licking soy sauce jars. The father of the boy apologized tearfully.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 17-year-old boy in Japan went to the chain sushi chain sushi restaurant "Sushiro" a few days ago, but made out-of-order behaviors such as licking soy sauce cans. The stock price of Sushiro's parent company "FOOD & LIFE Companies" As a result, it plummeted, and now Sushiro has called out, and Japanese media have also found the boy's father, who apologized tearfully.

The Japanese media "NEWSポストセブン" reported that in response to this incident, Sushiro thoroughly cleaned the teacups in the store and replaced the soy sauce bottle, and pointed out that he had received an apology from the boy and the father of the boy, but due to the serious damage to the goodwill, the market value fell sharply due to the stock price 16 billion yen (approximately NT$3.68 billion) was evaporated, so Sushiro insisted on suing the teenager.

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According to the report, the reporter visited the boy’s home in Gifu, and further interviewed the boy’s father. The boy’s father confirmed that he had apologized to Sushirou. As for the rumor that the boy’s spoof video was taken by him, he denied it and admitted that it was shot by a friend. The teenager's father also said that he could not speak in too much detail, because the lawyer had ordered him not to speak out, and he apologized tearfully during the interview, and confessed that he was quite frustrated.