In the Vugledar region of the Donetsk region, a tank unit of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation, which is stationed in Vladivostok, was ambushed by Ukrainian forces.

Soldiers of the Special Operations Forces (SSO) and the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade destroyed Russian equipment and captured two Russian servicemen.

This was reported by the press service of the SSO, having released the relevant video.

"As a result of joint actions, a modernized Russian T-80 tank was destroyed, even before it entered the firing position. During the battle, two members of the tank crew - contractors, marines of the Russian Federation - were captured," the message says.

The prisoners, who turned out to be brothers who served in the Russian army under a contract, were given qualified medical care and taken beyond the front line to the location of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

"The joint operation of the SSO of Ukraine and the 72nd OMbr took place without losses on our side and disrupted the enemy's planned assault in the Ugledarsk direction," the SSO press service noted.

In the released video, one of the prisoners said that since the beginning of the year, half of the company of the 155th brigade of Russian marines had died in the Vugledar region.

He also talked about the legacy of the battle.

According to the captured occupier, 2 Russian tanks moved towards the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine on the command of the commander, his T-80 exploded on a mine. 

We will remind you that the city of Vugledar in the Donetsk region has become one of the most "hot spots" on the front.

The Russian army, trying to implement the plan to seize the entire Donbas, threw elite units into battle.

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