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Nearly 100 people were fined during a special operation of the Plovdiv police in villages on the territory of Maritsa Municipality. 

The inspection is part of the preventive measures to counter domestic crime and ensure road safety in small towns. 

It was conducted by employees of RU-Trud, the Plovdiv "Specialized Police Forces" and "Road Police" sectors and the Zonal Gendarmerie Department.

Also included are representatives of the NRA, the Regional Directorate for Food Safety and the Regional Directorate for Forestry.

Police station near Plovdiv

On the territory of the villages of Skutare, Rogosh, Manole, Trilistnik, Kostievo and Kalekovets, the mixed teams checked a total of 282 people and 198 vehicles.

They visited 24 commercial establishments, 5 drinking establishments, 2 points for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and 2 car morgues.

6 crimes related to illegally acquired firewood were registered, for which the appropriate administrative action was taken by the inspectors of the Republic of Moldova.

Acts and discovery protocols were also drawn up for 8 irregularities identified by the representatives of the NRA and the ODBH.

In the area of ​​road safety, 63 acts and fines with slips were drawn up for violations of the Road Traffic Act.

24 cars were also detected that exceeded the speed limit in populated areas, and in Rogosh a driver drove 47 kilometers over the limit of 50 km/h.

In the same village, a pedestrian was also fined for crossing the road incorrectly.

In the course of the police operation, 6 warning protocols were handed out under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

specialized police operation