A policeman surnamed Zhang from the Ankang Station of the Xindian Police Sub-bureau drove back to the police station on patrol at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd, and accidentally crushed a 69-year-old woman Lu, resulting in a broken bone in her left foot.

(Photographed by reporter Que Jinglun)

[Reporter Que Jinglun/New Taipei Report] A policeman surnamed Zhang from the Ankang Police Station of the Xindian Branch of the New Taipei City Police Department was on patrol yesterday (2nd) night. He drove back to the police station at 7 o'clock. He was suspected of being blocked by the A-pillar, and the wheel accidentally crushed a man. A 69-year-old woman surnamed Lu suffered a fracture in the metacarpal bone of her left foot. After investigation by the police, she did not drink and drive. The cause and responsibility of the accident are yet to be clarified.

At about 7:40 last night, 30-year-old Zhang Yuan drove a police car back to the police station, turned left from the second section of Ankang Road to the parking lot of the station, and accidentally bumped into Lu Fu who was walking on the side of the road. The police immediately got out of the car to check and found suspected injuries Therefore, she called 119 to assist Mrs. Lu in sending her to Xindian Gengshen Hospital.

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According to the police investigation, Mr. Zhang's breath alcohol test value was 0.00mg/l, and he was not driving under the influence of alcohol. Mrs. Lu was conscious when she was hit. Rest at home.

After consultation with Mrs. Lu, the Xindian Police Sub-bureau handed over the traffic accident case to the traffic accident handling team of the sub-bureau. The cause and responsibility need to be further clarified.

The Xindian police stated that Zeng Guoyu, the deputy director of the Ankang Police Station, led members Zhang to Gengshen Hospital to take the initiative to care for Mrs. Lu's injuries and condolences to her family members.